Anshi S'fard

Congregation Anshi S'fard is an Orthodox synagogue located in Atlanta, in the Morningside and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods. Anshi S'fard was founded in 1911 to provide a home for Hasidic worship and fellowship for Jews from Poland, Galicia and the Ukraine who had settled in Atlanta - it's the oldest Orthodox synagogue in Atlanta.

We are a small, haimish congregation, where everyone is welcome. Our congregants include a wide array of professionals, artisans, and academics, singles, families, Holocaust survivors, grandparents, and retirees. Some congregants were raised as observant Jews, while others are just discovering Judaism. Rabbi Chaim Lindenblatt has been our Rabbi since 2001.

Home hospitality for Shabbat is available. If you would like to stay in the Virginia Highlands/Morningside neighborhood for all of Shabbat, please contact Rabbi Lindenblatt

           Chanukah 5771

        Cheese-Head Rebbe 
    The head Rebbe of Green Bay made a surprise visit to Anshi to daven before the SuperBowl. His dvar was entitled "Look out Steelers!"

Save the date(s) - see calendar for more details:

    March 7 Taanis Esther fast begins 6:20am, fast ends 7:15pm, Maariv and Megilah reading 7:20pm
    March 8 Purim:  Mincha and Megilah reading 5:00pm, Purim Seudah (meal) approx. 6:00pm

    Please RSVP to Rabbi Lindenblatt for the Purim Seudah by Friday, March 2, 2012. There will be a meat meal with plenty of jokes and words of Torah by all. Everyone is encouraged to share a thought, idea, or question about Purim or the Megillah and a clean joke appropriate for all ages. Sample jokes will be available at the meal if you need one. The cost of the Purim meal is $18.

    Rabbi Lindenblatt's Self-Defense / Martial Arts class - is now at Beth Jacob! Learn how to defend yourself through the use of practical martial arts skills and get some exercise while you are at it. This class - for men and boys - is designed for individuals with all types of martial arts background or none at all. Learn to be smart and safe in the real world. Monthly fee is $50 for adults, $40 for students, special rate for Beth Jacob members $30. Class meets on Tuesdays from 7:30 – 8:30 pm. For more information, e-mail Rabbi Lindenblatt

A new, SIMPLE way to Support your little shul, Now you can support Congregation Anshi S'fard when you search for information on the internet. Instead of another search engine, please set your default search engine to be is a new Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch the donations add up! Just go to and enter "Congregation Anshi S'fard" as the charity you want to support.

Donations made to Congregation Anshi S'fard's general fund cover over half of the expenses for running our little shul. Making a charitable contribution is a wonderful way to honor or remember someone special or to celebrate a special occasion.  Additionally, donations may be made to specific funds, such as the kiddush fund, the building maintenance fund, the prayer books/chumashim fund.  If you'd like to make a contribution to Congregation Anshi S'fard, please send it to Congregation Anshi S'fard, P.O. Box 8371, Atlanta GA 31106. Another way to make a contribution is through the following pay-pal link.


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